Monday, May 18, 2009

the old double betsy. linocut print. i gave them out to everyone in our final crit for scenic drawing. that class was pretty dope.

nobody likes this painting except for me. whatever i think its cool.

i like this painting too. i don't know if anyone likes it yet.

this is a diptych i started of the part from star wars where luke cuts vaders hand off. obvy its not deep i just thought it would be a cool to do a painting of this.
this is an exercise from shira's class.
the model was laying on the floor for this painting. the drawing is off. but it was mostly about mixing paint and matching color nstuff

this was the first painting i did in shira's class. she showed us how to do the grid drawing thing. which is a pretty useful tool. but it was wicked confusing to learn how. i redrew the grid on the back like 4 times.
this was a random painting from painting 2. i liked it alot more when i found it after 2 months than when i first painted it.

this was from shira's figure painting class. the model didn't show up so she threw a skeleton on the floor and made us paint it.
this was my final homework for landscape. did it in downtown westerly. the parking lot for the washington trust. kinda fun

couple drawings from last semester.

this is 2 views of the same pose. the top one has a thumbnail that i turned into a aligator

these are some drawings i did in my extended pose figure drawing class. or as i like to call it "wicked long pose"

this is the complete idea for the baby robot microzine. It's a comic, it's mini prints and it can be made into the paper box baby robot toy.
this is kind of my second one. the first was "baby robots gotta practice karate too" which had a little car that could be cut out and made into a toy. now i'm just going to get way more complicated from here out.